Sunday, June 12, 2016

JR Newsletter: 12 June 2016 (297)

We have two contributions this week.  First, Denis Loring wrote in response to Louis Scuderi (who wrote, "Is a raw XF-40 coin inherently less valuable to the "collector" community than a holdered XF-40 coin other than the fact that it is in a piece of plastic?")

Here's my take on it:  A raw XF-40 Bust half is just that, a raw XF-40 coin.  A holdered XF-40 Bust half is a product, manufactured by PCGS/NGC/ANACS, out of the raw materials of silver, plastic, paper and ink.  Some people collect and/or invest in such products, some just coins, some both.  The markets for the two overlap, of course, but are not the same, just as the coin and the product are not the same.

Denis Loring

David Finkelstein wrote with an original work:  "The 1794 Congressional Committee Appointed To Examine The Mint – Part 5 (Way)"

You may read this article by clicking the following link: