Sunday, March 11, 2018

JR Newsletter: 11 March 2018 (386)

David Finkelstein wrote:

WANTED FOR NUMISMATIC RESEARCH: Cull, damaged, and/or Poor-Fair 1795 Half Dollars.  Christopher Pilliod (metallurgist, numismatist, numismatic researcher, numismatic author, and President of the Flying Eagle and Indian Cent Club) and I are performing state of the art analysis and research of United States silver coins.  Currently, we want to purchase two 1795 Half Dollars.  The coins do not have to be round.  The coins can be bent, cleaned, corroded, cut, dented, environmentally damaged, engraved, holed, scraped, scratched, tooled, whizzed, and/or in a basal state.  We are not looking for quality.  We are looking for “cheap”.  The uglier and cheaper, the better.  All that is required is enough detail to confirm that the coin is a Flowing Hair Half Dollar.  Please contact David Finkelstein at dfinkelstein(at) with the number of coins available and the price.  Your name will be mentioned in our articles and presentations.