Sunday, January 22, 2012

JR Newsletter: 22 January 2012 (72)

Richard Meaney wrote:

Congratulations to Louis Scuderi for his find of an 1832 LM-9.2 half dime (as reported in last week's JR Newsletter)!  I believe the 1832 LM-9.2 is one of the most difficult die remarriages to find in any grade in the entire capped bust half dime series.  I know we can never know with certainty how many examples are extant, but I do believe we are still firmly in the single digits with known examples of this remarriage.


Richard Faubion wrote:

That is indeed exciting news about Dick Graham's upcoming treatise on Reeded Edge Halves.  Please do keep us apprised as to the publication details.  Oh, and thanks so much for your efforts in producing the JRCS Newsletter!  

Richard Faubion