Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Condition Census 1832 LM-14 Half Dime?

This coin is in a PCGS MS-64 holder.  Brand-new (to me) today.  According to the most recent JRCS survey, finest known (and only mint state example reported in the survey) was an MS-63.  Logan and McCloskey reported an AU-58 in a Bowers and Merena auction.  So I'm thinking this is the new number one.  The slab has some scratches on it.  For a much bigger image, click on the picture!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Can You Figure Out the Year of This Bust Dime?

Steve sent in another dime for our sleuth work.  He doesn't know the date of this coin and hopes a sharp-eyed reader might be able to decipher the year or possible years that this coin could have been minted. If you click on the image, it should cause your internet browser to open up a much-larger version of the image.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Half Dime "Happenings" at EAC Convention

At the 2010 EAC Convention, the JRCS will present examples of the 1833 LM-3 die marriage (including all five 1833 LM-3 remarriages:  LM-3.1 through LM-3.5) during the "half dime happenings" educational session.  If you plan to attend the EAC Convention and have examples of the 1833 LM-3 die marriage that you would like to have shown, please let me know.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The economy and your collection

This post was added by "mistercoinman"   You can use the comment feature at the close of the paragraph to respond if you wish.

I was just wondering how many capped bust collectors are affected by the so called economic down turn in the coin market. Do you see this time as a chance to build on your collection, or to cut back?  For me, I have started a collection of raw capped bust dimes, instead of buying the more pricey third-party-graded coins. Any thoughts on the subject would be appreciated.

Note:  these are the pics that "Steve" wrote about in the comments to this post:

Bay State Show, Boston, MA 20-22 November 2009

I am headed to the Bay State Show in Boston (Radisson Hotel at 200 Stuart Street) on Saturday, 21 November.  If any other JRCS people will be there, I'd be happy to meet and say hello.  If not, I will do my best to post a "show report" from the perspective of a half dime collector.

Monday, October 12, 2009

From Bill Luebke, Founder of JR News

I am pleased to announce that I have turned the JR Newsletter over to the John Reich Collectors Society and that Richard Meaney will succeed me as Editor and Publisher.  Please note that JR News has a new email address at JRNewsletter@gmail.com

From inception until recently JR News was my pride and joy.  I started it in the summer of 2005, shortly after the ANA convention.  It gave me considerable pleasure and I met many new friends because of it, but it is time to let go.  Thanks to all of you who contributed items to publish.  It is really your publication.

A dragon lives forever but not so little boys
Painted wings and giant rings make way for other toys.

Bill Luebke

Do You Wish to Print an Article from the JR Newlsetter? Read This!

I have received feedback from a few users indicating that they prefer to print the articles in order to read them at their convenience, rather than reading while online.  If you would like to do this, here are the directions I came up with that should help you solve any problems trying to print:

First, use your mouse to highlight the article or articles you wish to print. Leave the text highlighted as you move to the next step.

Second, on your browser's top menu bar, click on "File"  When the drop down menu shows, then click on "Print"   A print box will open.  In that print box, choose to print "Selection" to ensure that your printer knows that you wish to have the selected text printed.

Third, click "print" and you will have the desired articles.

Monday, October 5, 2009

New Format for JR Newsletter

Many thanks to Bill Luebke for years of effort in establishing the JR News and demonstrating to all of us that time spent together exchanging information at coin shows and in the John Reich Journal was just not enough! Bill has passed the torch to me, so I will do my best to ensure we can continue to share information on our wonderful hobby.

I am honored to be the new editor of the official newsletter of the JRCS. I am Richard Meaney. I collect capped bust half dimes by die marriage. My family and I just moved to NH and we really enjoy the weather here so far (compared to the heat of San Antonio).

I guess if you are reading this, you have learned what the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is concerning the JR Newsletter. In an effort to make dissemination of information easier, I created this blog so that I can easily add new contributions and post images and so that users can access the JR Newsletter at their convenience. If you wish for me to publish something, you can send it to me at jrnewsletter@gmail.com

Thank you for your patience in this time of transition. I hope you enjoy this new format for the JR Newsletter. I welcome your contributions and feedback!

Winston Zack Requests Information for Research Project on Cuds -- UPDATED

(I have since revised this list to include Cuds which I NEED to be measured, instead of the previous list which included Cuds which I had ALREADY measured.)

I am working on researching and measuring the length of Cuds found on Bust silver coins (Half-Dimes, Dimes, Quarters, Half-Dollars, and Dollars).  As such, and since my collection of Bust Cuds is fairly meager with respect to other JRCS members, I am asking for as much assistance from you all as possible.

What I'm looking for is this:
1) Each coin must have a rim-Cud (no other Cud type will be used in this research) forming, starting and ending, from one rim to another portion of a rim.
2) The rim-Cud must be clearly visible.  Any specimen with the rims worn down so as the exact origin of the Cud is not clearly visible should be excluded until a higher grade or more clear example can be found.
3) I need to have each Cud measured in respect to size (mm; millimeters).  For this I have found that taking a small, flimsy/flexible, measuring tape and positioning the measuring tape on the rim of the coin, above where the Cud begins and ends, and measuring that arc, has proven to be the best method for measuring the size of the Cud.
4) The measurements should be approximate (remember in millimeters), and don't necessarily need to be 100% accurate.  Though, if possible, the more accurate the results the better.
5) Please report your measurements to me (Winston) at my email address: stoneman101@gmail.com .  Thanks, and I will include you as a cited reference (unless you want to remain anonymous) at the end of the article.

Half-Dimes: 1797 LM-2, 1836 LM-3
Dimes: 1820 JR-6, 1829 JR-4, 1830 JR-4, 1831 JR-4, 1831 JR-6, 1832 JR-2, 1834 JR-5, 1835 JR-1, 1835 JR-4, 1837 JR-2.
Quarters: 1819 B-4, 1820 B-5
Halves: 1795 O-103a

New Web Site for Collectors of Contemporary Counterfeit Bust Half Dollars

Larry Schmidt sent notice of a new website that serves as a forum for people who are interested in collecting contemporary counterfeit capped bust half dollars.  The web site address is http://cccbhcc.com/ 

You will find lots of information on the site, including descriptions and images of varieties that have not yet been published in Keith Davignon's Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half Dollars

What a Blog can do for the JR Newsletter

By using a blog to publish the JR Newsletter, we can more easily view images, update information, and make comments on items submitted by other members.  A blog is a more powerful tool than simple email for dissemination of information.  I can post pictures that will not require additional mouse clicks for you to open.  Instead, they will show up with your text, as I have demonstrated below.

Pre-Turban Half Dollar Census

Steve Herrman wrote:

Information is now being solicited for the Pre-Turban Half Dollar (1794-1807) Census to be published in the next issue of the John Reich Journal. Please email your complete inventory listing by die variety (include each piece you own for each die marriage) to Steve Herrman at: Herrman102@aol.com.

Following is an example submission.


Please include your JRCS membership number with your submission. The top 15 collections will be listed by membership number.

Best Regards,

Steve Herrman #474 (LM #28)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Did You Receive Issue 20/1 of the JR Journal?

Brad Karoleff wrote that everyone should have already received issue 20/1 of the JR Journal. If you are a member of the JRCS in good standing (i.e. have paid your dues) and did not receive the issue, please contact Brad via email:  jrcs19@roadrunner.com. Brad's email address can also be found listed on the JRCS web site:  JRCS HOME 

Brad has also requested submissions of articles for publication in the next issue of the JR Journal.

I will add to this subject with a note about problems you may have with your journal or membership. If you have problems with your membership in the JRCS (check sent and no JR Journal received, change of mailing address, and the like, please do not send requests for clarification to the JR Newsletter. Instead, please contact an officer of the JRCS using the email addresses found on the inside of the front cover of either the JR Journal or on the JRCS web site.