Sunday, April 15, 2012

JR Newsletter: 15 April 2012 (84)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

There was an error in last week's report of die marriages to be studied at the EAC "Happenings" session.  The correct list is below.

Half Dime 1833 LM3
Dime 1834 JR2
Quarter 1818 B6
Half Dollars 1812 O107, and 1818 O115

(Editor's note:  The correction is to the die marriage for the quarters, all others are unchanged)


Bill Luebke wrote:

I have a few books of interest to JRCS members for sale on eBay that will close Thursday evening.  Included are a DIME BOOK and a set of Bowers Dollar Encyclopedia.  Also next week Thursday, I will list auction catalogues with a JRCS theme.  My eBay handle is oldchelsea.

(Editor's note:  A link to Bill's auctions is here:

Bill Luebke
A late addition by Sheridan Downey:

I neglected to send you a separate email concerning the mail bid auction coming up this week at the Central States Show.  I'm sure most of your subscribers know of it; but, just in case, I thought it appropriate to put out a reminder in the JR Newsletter.  The sale is 100% bust halves; 118 lots; a nice mix of higher grade coins and rare die marriages, including an 1825 O.118, one of four known.  The catalogue and terms of sale are available on my web site:  The sale close this coming Friday at 6 PM CDT. 
I leave it to you supplement this morning's blurb with the above info.
All the best - and special thanks for all the trouble you take to put out the Newsletter.