Sunday, December 22, 2013

JR Newsletter: 22 December 2013 (171)

This is a literature-focused issue of the JR Newsletter!  Three contributions this week, the first from Chuck Allen:

I saw Brad Karoleff's book sale last week and I also wanted to offer to JRCS members a brand new, in box, EARLY HALF DOLLAR DIE VARIETIES 1794-1836 - 4th Limited Edition, First Printing Imitation Leather Hardcover -2005.

$165.00 + $7 shipping media mail or if you want it 2 day priority mail with signature confirm $13.50 (cost).

I prefer check or m/o but pay pal is ok if you send using send money to friend option which saves the 2.9% paypal fee

my e-mail : DC44A(at)  if interested.

Thanks, Chuck Allen #1404


David Perkins wrote:

Articles on early silver Numismatic Literature in latest issue of The Asylum

For those JR News readers who are not a member of the Numismatic Bibliomania Society (NBS), I’d like to point out that there are two good articles pertaining to early U.S. silver Numismatic Literature in the latest issue of The Asylum, the quarterly Journal of the NBS.

The first article is by Brad Karoleff and is titled, “Limited-Edition Silver Coin References:  The Connoisseur’s Library Updated.”  This article covers the deluxe editions of early silver references, half dimes to silver dollars, issued since and including the Haseltine Type Table sale catalog.  Price ranges are given for deluxe editions from each series.

The second article is by Len Augsburger, and is titled, “Numismatic Literature for the Liberty Seated Half Dime Collector.”  Steve Crain contributed to the section on the Valentine half dime book.

I am a former Treasurer of NBS, and am currently on the NBS Board of Governors.  I recommend NBS membership to anyone with an interest in research and Numismatic Literature.  Here is a link to the NBS website for those wishing to learn more or join NBS:  The website has an online index of articles by subject and author.  Four issues of The Asylum are published per year. 

W. David Perkins

Pete Mosiondz wrote with some really good deals for readers:

I have a number of good books available at very good prices for readers of the JR Newsletter

Many thanks and best regards,

Peter Mosiondz, Jr.
E-Mail: choochoopete(at)

Special Sale of Numismatic Books For Readers of the JR Newsletter
The Comprehensive Catalogue and Encyclopedia of United States Coins:1976, Don Taxay. Scott Publishing Company.   363 pp, illustrated. HB, dj in Mylar®. New    $5.00
2014 Coin World Guide to U.S. Coins, Prices and Value Trends. 464 pp. SB. New.     $5.00
The Fantastic 1804 Dollar:Tribute Edition, Eric P. Newman and Kenneth Bressett. 208 pp (incl. 64 in color). HB. New.  List price $19.95.   $5.00
The Coin Collectors Survival Manual: Combined With How to Make Money in Coins Right Now, Scott A. Travers. 6th edition,  373 pp, SB. New. List price $22.95.    $5.00
Million Dollar Nickels: Mysteries of the Illicit 1913 Liberty Head Nickels Revealed, Paul Montgomery, Mark Borckardt and    Ray Knight. HB, DJ in Mylar®. New. List price $26.95.   $8.00
Comprehensive Encyclopedia of U.S. Liberty Seated Quarters, Larry Briggs. SB. New.     $10.00
Standing Liberty Quarters, J.H. Cline. 4th edition. This is the essential reference on the series. 237 pp, SB. New. List price $21.95.    $6.00
Illegal Tender: Gold, Greed and the Mystery of the Lost 1933 Double Eagle, David A. Tripp. HB, DJ in Mylar®.  List price $26.00.     $9.00
United States Gold Coins: An Illustrated History, Q. David Bowers. The history as shown by the Eliasberg collection   anonymously sold in 1982. 415 pp, well illustrated. HB. New.       $19.00

The Early Coins of America, Sylvester Crosby, The 1983 Quarterman reprint and best edition with the expanded 20 page bibliographical foreword by Eric Newman. 381 pp, 10 plates, 2 manuscripts, HB, DJ in Mylar®.      $19.00

Whitman Encyclopedia of Colonial and Early American Coins, Q. David Bowers. The definitive reference on Colonial and  Early American coins, tokens and related material. Illustrated with hundreds of detailed photographs. 352 pp, Full Color, HB.     
List price $49.95.   $19.00
Rochester Numismatic Association: Celebrating 100 Years of Fellowship. SB. New.    $5.00
Coin World's Making the Grade: Comprehensive Grading Guide for U.S. Coins, 3rd edition. SB. List price $39.99.    $12.00
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