Sunday, October 1, 2017

JR Newsletter: 1 October 2017 (363)

First this week, from the editor:

Recently, I switched from being a 25+ year user of a PC type of computer to an Apple/Mac type of computer.  I don’t believe I will have this switchover completely mastered for another 25 years.  Part of my difficulty in changing from PC to Mac has been in processing photos.  As a result, two photos provided by Jim Matthews in last week’s JR Newsletter were left out.  I have figured out how to post those photos after some trials and tribulations.  Here are Jim’s photos.

First, an image of an 1831 JR-6 with the obverse cud.

Second, an image of the reverse of an 1829 JR-4 that Jim purchased from Larry Blackwelder in 1993:

I’ll do my best to get smart on this “Mac thing.”  I am an old dog, so you know what they say…

While I have your attention, I want to remind readers that the correct email address for submissions to the JR Newsletter is jrnewsletter(at)

Of course, instead of remembering the email address, you can just reply to the weekly JR Newsletter email and your reply will go to the correct mailbox.  Sending email to the email address will not be effective, to say the least.


Barry Sunshine wrote:

To all – at the NLG bash on August 8th held in connection with the ANA convention, the Bust Dime Book – Variety Identification Guide won the Best Specialized Book of the Year Award. This great Bust Dime book was written by Winston Zack, Louis Scuderi and Michael Sherrill and received a lot of assistance from other Bust dime enthusiasts. Louis and Winston surprised me by attending the NLG Bash to accept the award and everyone that was involved with the Book received many congratulations from throughout the ANA and emails. 

One top grading service reported that they use this book all the time!

If you collect or have any interest in learning about Bust Dimes, then this book is essential addition to your library and is great reading.  I noted that many top auction catalogs cite this book in lot descriptions. 

If you want to acquire a copy of this book, then contact one of the several dealers that carry the Bust dime book at $49 each. Those dealers contact info are:


Winston Zack wrote:

To all JRCS members, and especially Bust Half Nuts, I am working to finish a project on contemporary counterfeit U.S. coins. There are a number of varieties which I believe were made from transfer dies, and therefore the obverse and/or reverse impressions should match mint-made dies (although some details from the transfer process may be slightly distorted). As such, I am not as much of an expert identifying Overton varieties as many of you are, and therefore I could use your expertise. Therefore, I am requesting the assistance of some of the membership to help in identifying the obverse and reverse Overton dies associated with each obverse and reverse die used to make these counterfeits.

I have a PDF file with high quality images of almost all the varieties I would like to have reviewed. I also have an excel spreadsheet where you can place your answers/responses/notes. Combined, these documents are about 73 MB in size - too large to email. Therefore I will need to send you the documents via Dropbox where you can download them. Simply send me an email (stoneman101(at) requesting to help out, and I will send you the Dropbox link.
Any assistance will be GREATLY appreciated, and acknowledged as such in my project. I would appreciate receiving final responses from everyone before November 31, but do not feel you need to rush through this.

Final results will be shared with all those who have participated.

Thank you,


Len Augsburger reported that he has received assistance on attribution of the Frank Stewart half dollars and half dimes.  The denominations remaining are the dimes and quarters.  He has updated the Newman Numismatic Portal to reflect the attributions sent in by JRCS members.