Sunday, April 8, 2018

JR Newsletter: 8 April 2018 (390)

Bryce Brown wrote:

I'm holding a "50% off" sale of JR Journal past issues to try to reduce the JRCS inventory.  This offer is valid for all orders received in April.  Don't delay, because I only have one or two of many of the scarce issues.


Bryce Brown
PO Box 16
Avon, CT  06001-0016

Charles Louie wrote:

Greetings from Paris ...
Here are three of the photographs that I took yesterday at the Paris Mint Museum, le Musée de Monnaie.

The old Castaing Machine is no longer there, since my last visit of the museum several years ago.  The museum just reopened in the fall of 2017, after a complete renovation.
I wonder if I should write a short report on this machine which was used by the French Mint to add letterings to the edges of the coins in the late 1600s, a machine which I have never seen, but which I am sure is known to a few American numismatists.  What are your thoughts?

All the best from Paris,
Charles Louie