Sunday, November 14, 2010

JR Newsletter: 14 November 2010 (10)

This week's contributions:

Van wrote,commenting on tips related to Raymond's question about attributing eBay pictures...

First of all... I pretty much just focus on Early Bust Dimes for my collection and interest. In my eBay experiences, here are a few of the things I practice...

1) I have a "Saved Search" set for very specific dime years that notifies me when certain postings come available

2) I basically only search for the attributes related to very specific Rarity-5 or higher dimes

3) I have a screen magnification program that gives me a 100x - 250x magnification window of everything my cursor passes over, which often compensates for small eBay photos... or at least gives me an improved detail view over what is given to me

I hope this helps...

Van (JRCS #1300) 


David Perkins wrote:
New Attribution for 1800 Silver Dollar with FORCE Counterstamp?
For those early silver dollar and counterstamp collectors who are not a member of the Token and Medal Society (TAMS), there is an article in the July-August 2010 edition of TAMS Magazine by Bruce Mosher titled, "The Bells of Ephraim Force / The author's research leads to a new source of the "Force" countermark on an 1800 U.S. silver dollar."  I have noted in my copy of Merchant and Privately Countermarked coins by Gregory Brunk that the FORCE counterstamp is struck on an 1800 B-14, BB-194 silver dollar.  There is a photo of the obverse of this counterstamped silver dollar on page 381 of the Brunk book. Mosher notes that "past researchers have hinted that Jabez W. Force, a New York City silversmith (1819-41), was responsible for the counterstamped coin."  On the other hand Russell Rulau noted that this was highly unlikely as "the stamp is far too large and crude to be the hallmark of a silversmith."
Mosher writes that while researching an unrelated issue in early New York city directories, he came across the name of "Ephraim Force," a brass and bell founder, and a fire-engine manufacturer in Lower Manhattan.  He presents his research and evidence, concluding that he believes this man was responsible for counterstamping this silver dollar. 
Winston Zack wrote:

Hello Capped Bust Silver Collectors,
I am selling my 1825 B-2 Late Die State, retained reverse Cud through A3 and Arrows, F-12+ (raw, but completely problem-free) Capped Bust Quarter.  If you are interested please see the link below and you may email me at stoneman101 (at)
Editor's note:  Here is an image of Winston's coin:


Raymond Hale wrote (in response to Richard Meaney's post about a newly-purchased half dime with an obverse cud):

That's it. I'm searching for half-dimes from now on!
Rick Beale wrote:

I have come across a very high grade 1807 50c O-105a r.4 - PCGS AU58. A Heritage auction listing (different coin) indicates an O-105a also PCGS AU58 was probably one of the top two or three of this variety.

My question is : do we keep a condition census in JRCS for early silver ? If so, where would my coin rank ?

I haven't imaged it yet. I'll stash a pic on my website and send the URL.

All the best,

Ricky B

Editor's Note:  Rick and his wife deal coins in person and on the internet.  The name of their company is "900fine Coins" and they can be found on the internet at