Sunday, June 7, 2020

JR Newsletter: 7 June 2020 (501)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

The next print issue of the John Reich Journal is at the printers.  I will be shipping them next week.  Some of you will receive a green dues notice in with your issue.  You need to remit your dues to Treasurer Perkins to continue receiving the journal.  Please do not delay, send your check today ...

There is also a surprise in store for everyone with the new journal.  I look forward to input from the membership via JR Newsletter.

We will be issuing one more journal for 2020.  I plan on a 48-page issue but do not have anything in house for publication.  Please see if you can put something together for publication this fall.  The upcoming issue will include the bust quarter census by Dr. Peterson.  All quarter collectors should submit their censuses as soon as possible to Glenn at gpeters(at) or to me, Brad Karoleff at PO Box 222 Okeana, OH 45053 in the format of date-marriage-grade.

Stay healthy and enjoy your hobby.


Additionally, I would like to propose a poll:

Please send a note to JR Newsletter as to whether you are planning on attending the ANA in Pittsburgh if it is held.

Respond Yes, No or if Maybe with a percentage.  We need to plan ahead to see if we can hold our meeting there.

Brad Karoleff is maybe 60/40 NO