Sunday, January 1, 2012

JR Newsletter: 1 January 2012 (69)

Richard Meaney wrote:  BIG NEWS!

I received a telephone call from Rich Uhrich a couple of days after Christmas.  He told me he had big news for bust coin collectors and wanted the news first published in the JR Newsletter.  Rich has a client (who wishes to remain anonymous) who recently came across an 1827-dated bust dime which he could not attribute using "Early US Dimes."  The client sent Rich the coin for attribution.  Upon receipt, Rich confirmed that the coin looked like an 1827 JR-14, which is the most recently-discovered bust dime marriage.  Rich sent pictures of the coin to Brad Karoleff, who confirmed Rich's attribution.  So now there are two known 1827 JR-14 dimes!  Rich provided me with images of the newly-discovered 1827 JR-14 dime and those images are below (click image to enlarge).  Rich Uhrich will have the coin on display at his table #310-312 at the FUN show.  The owner of the coin is undecided on selling it at this time.


From the official FUN Show schedule:

The John Reich Collectors Society will have a "regional meeting" at the FUN Show.  The meeting will be held on Friday, January 6, 2012 from 2:00-3:30 PM in Room S330E.  Dr. Glenn Peterson has graciously volunteered to host the meeting.  All JRCS members, prospective members, and other interested persons are welcome to attend!


Brad Karoleff wrote:

We have an opportunity to have another "regional meeting" of the JRCS at the Whitman Baltimore Show in March.  The schedule has not yet been determined, so if JRCS members have a preference as to date and time, please write in to the JR Newsletter or contact Brad Karoleff to let your preference be known.  Currently, clubs with scheduled meeting times include Liberty Seated Collectors at 9:00 AM Friday, Barber Coin Society at 3:00 PM on Friday, and the Early American Coppers Society at 1:00 PM on Saturday.  I suggest we have a cut-off time of having a meeting no later than noon on Saturday to allow people to make reasonable plans to depart the show.

So, if you want to have a meeting and have a preference for date/time or would like to present an educational program at the meeting, contact Brad Karoleff or reply to the JR Newsletter. 

 Jeff Reichenberger wrote:

Another outstanding JR Journal came to my mailbox this past week, just in time for the holidays. Hats off to the authors and editor. Great articles throughout the issue!

Robert Willems wrote:

I am sending a quick message to ask people who submit photos to the JR Newsletter to try to avoid submitting photos that have a black background.  I suggest using a white background so that those of us who like to print such photos won't consume a lot of black ink when the pictures are printed.  Thank you!

Robert Willems

Mike Sherrill wrote:

Hi, this is another response to the question about 1821 JR1 and JR2 dimes with die crack at S1-S2.

I seem to recall at least one example of 1821 JR1 without any die crack between S1 and S2. Unfortunately I did not make any notes and so I understand this is not very helpful. It seems possible a hairline crack existed in the die before commission, but because the crack occurs where the die bulge later develops, my feeling is the crack occurred soon after commission at an area of greatest stress.

I haven’t seen any examples of JR1 or JR2 that would place JR2 first in the emission order. However, examples of JR1 exist that look like they are struck after JR2. Below is a scan of an interesting late example in my collection. 

The area of weakness on the reverse at D STA corresponds to the area between the date and S1 and is not directly opposite that mess on the obverse.

Perhaps a remarriage of 1821 JR1 occurred. Or maybe some/most of the die crack and die bulge were removed by lapping prior to striking of JR2. A similar situation occurred with 1820 JR1. There is a second die bulge on some 1820 JR1s at S3-S5 that I don’t see on JR4 and was apparently lapped away.