Sunday, April 7, 2013

JR Newsletter: 7 April 2013 (135)

Brad Karoleff wrote:

The EAC/JRCS convention is coming SOON!  May 2-5 the show will be held in Newark (Columbus), Ohio.  Thursday night the 2nd will feature the "Happenings" where we get together and study specific die marriages of the different series of coins.  We have decided to study the following coins this year:

Half dime 1836 LM-1
Dime 1820 JR-2
Quarter 1836 B-3
Half dollars 1807 O-111 and 1823 O109

Bring your coins to the show and share in the excitement of displaying your treasures next to those brought by other members.  We look forward to seeing many of you there.

We also still need volunteers to help with the silver happening room on Thursday evening.  If you are interested in helping please contact Brad at bkaroleff(at)

See you in Columbus!



On a similar topic, Glenn Marx wrote:

One of the things that's always been fun, interesting, and different about EAC conventions is the Happenings. To their benefit, the EAC group always publishes the results of those Happenings in the club journal, Penny-Wise, after the convention. Whether the membership attends the convention or not, they get to see the results of the Happenings afterwards. I've always liked that and feel others do as well.

It was very encouraging when EAC and JRCS came together to allow the inclusion of JRCS into their annual convention and it garnered some excitement amongst the membership. However, I think we're missing an opportunity by not publicizing the results of our Happenings in the John Reich Journal. It seems as though we should be doing so in some sort of a similar format to EAC.

Are there factors behind not doing so?

      Not enough room in the Journal to publish the results?
      Not enough attendees voting on the coins to provide the same results as copper coins?
      Not enough members to report on the coins by Happening denomination?

If there isn't enough voting for JRCS Happenings, could we list the coins in attendance by grade after the convention? If there isn't enough room in the Journal, could Happening results and observations be published in the JR Newsletter that goes out through email?

The reason I'm sending this email is that I've always liked being filled in on as many of the EAC/JRCS convention details as I can when I'm unable to attend. I do that through the JRCS and EAC publications. When people read about everything going on at the convention, it encourages them to participate in the future and builds excitement. When people read about the Happenings, they want to bring their coins and attend the convention as well. Happenings offer that unique benefit of being able to view multiple examples of the same variety of denomination at one time. Some members even send their coins to Happenings when they don't even attend the convention.

It would be nice to see us publish something after this year's convention. If I attend, I'm always willing to do bust quarters since I try to monitor that table when I'm able to attend the convention. I believe Nathan Markowitz usually talks about the bust quarters after the convention in at least the JR Newsletter. Having the results of the silver Happenings in some way would be good for research and may further encourage the membership in participating more.  I feel like I'm missing out on some knowledge sharing when the results are not published after each year's event, and I can't go back and pull out the Journal to review prior year results.  Do other members feel this way?  A table monitor from each denomination could report their table's results, or monitors could all send their information to one member to compile in a standard format.

Thank you,
Glenn Marx

Larry Schmidt wrote:

Statistics automatically tracked by the Contemporary Counterfeit Capped Bust Half Collectors Club website ( ) show that around 200 different readers visit each month and come back to the website two or three times during the month on average.  Statistics automatically tracked further show that the readership visit the Collector Corner and the Census sections the most by a wide margin month after month.  With this knowledge what can we collectively do to be even better? 
  • The current articles in the Collectors Corner section are listed at the end of this e-mail and may include an article of interest that you might not have read yet.  What further articles can be added to fulfill what our readership seem to enjoy?  
  • While our website's Census has had a few mini updates, made primarily to include discovery Davignons, the last major census was made back in September, 2011.  If you feel your collection could be updated in the census please send in your updates (your collection inventory as reflected in the current census can be sent to you if needed at your request).
Thank you in advance for your requested inputs!
Larry Schmidt
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