Sunday, March 19, 2017

JR Newsletter: 19 March 2017 (336)

Barry Sunshine wrote:

I read last week's JR Newsletter article about attributing an 1834 capped bust half dime to the half dime book.

Its pretty cool that collectors have more time to do this research compared to dealers.

Here is my story.

I really never found a 1832 capped bust dime for my registry set that I really loved. Well, I came across a dealer website that had a 1832 JR-3 in PCGS 66. When I looked at the coin closely I thought it looked like a really nice coin and the price of the coin was reasonably priced. So I asked to have it shipped to me. I later matched plates to the Lovejoy coin – lot 125. Also, in reviewing the prices realized and I noticed that this coin realized more than any other mint state capped bust coin from 1831 on except one. So in the end I was able to attribute the coin and acquired a very high grade example. I believe it’s the finest known.

Score card – Collectors 2, Dealers 0 !

Below is a picture of the coin!


Peter Mosiondz, Jr. wrote that finances and other issues dictate be must sell his remaining books:

Books for Sale

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The History of United States Coinage as Illustrated by the Garrett Collection, Q. David Bowers. HB. New. $25.00

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The Numismatist’s Topside Companion, Q. David Bowers. SB. New. $5.00

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The Standard Catalog of United States Coins (1946; 11th edition), Wayte Raymond. HB.  New. $35.00

A Guide Book of United States Coins 2017: The Official Red Book, R.S. Yeoman and Kenneth Bressett. Spiral.
New. $5.00

The Early Coins of America, Sylvester S. Crosby. The Quarterman reprint (1983) and the best edition with the expanded 20 page bibliographical foreword by Eric Newman. 381 pages, 10 plates, two manuscripts. HB (Blue Cloth). DJ protected in Brodart Mylar. New.               $15.00

Penny Whimsy: A Revision of Early American Cents 1793-1814; An Exercise in Descriptive Classification with Tables Rarity and Value, William H. Sheldon, with the collaboration of Dorothy I Paschal and Walter Breen. (Quarterman Publications 1976 ). 340 pages. HB. DJ protected in Brodart Mylar. New. $30.00

United States Copper Cents 1816-1857, Howard R. Newcomb. The 1985 Quarterman reprint with a new foreword rarity tabulation and commentary on new, duplicate or missing varieties  by John Wright. HB. DJ protected in Brodart Mylar. New. $15.00

America’s Large Cent (Coinage of the Americas Conference 1996; Published 1998).  John M. Kleeberg, editor. HB.  New. $20.00

Add $4.00 Media Mail postage.

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