Sunday, October 24, 2010

JR Newsletter: 24 October 2010 (7)

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Raymond Hale wrote:
Re David Davis' post.
I just picked up a copy of the EUSD book, for $125 plus 15% buyer's commission, in a post-auction sale with Fred Lake. He had sold another copy, signed by David for $130. I was upset that I had missed the auction. But, happy to still acquire the book. Now, I just need that erratum corrigenda. Thanks for the Latin refresh.
I've thought about purchasing a copy of the "Digital RAG." Does any one know how it works on Windows 7?
Raymond Hale
Dick Kurtz wrote:

To respond to Hamling's question, "preturb" (not "perturb") refers to issues preceeding the capped (turban) bust half dollar series, so any of the halves struck between 1794 ending with 1807 O.112 (and now 115). We sometimes forget that many have not been collecting bust halves for one hundred years, as I have..............Sorry!

Jim Matthews wrote:
Busy times: I've been sifting through my immense library and storage room of duplicate catalogues and references the past few months. I've decided its time to move some of the more interesting tidbits on to more interested parties! Thus I've sent off a considerable number of boxes of early auction sales, reference works, price guides and whatnot to David Sklow for inclusion in his upcoming February 12, 2011 auction and other portions offered at a later date. The highlight of the group so far is an original 1881 edition of the Frank Andrews die variety work on Large Cents. Many other highlights will be available.
I just received the dime reference on the 1824 JR-2 variety by Jim Koenings, which fits perfectly well with his intensive study on the 1827 JR-2 variety--listing all known specimens, an enlarged photo (great work Rory and Jim!) and a condition census. As always a few more specimens are awaiting discovery, but who can resist the appeal of these rarities? Jim has done an outstanding study on these two varieties, and any dime specialist would do well to acquire each. Contact me if you would like to order one of these references and I'll forward it on to Jim Koenings--I am bustdollar (at) for Jim Matthews
News, views and insanity continues in my collecting--still working on the retained or full cuds of course, Flowing, Draped and Capped Bust half dimes--Draped and Capped Bust for dimes. I'll get around to publishing more in the John Reich Journal so photos are more available soon.
New discoveries and advanced die state information are always welcome! Keep on digging, there is always more to be discovered.
Jim Matthews
Richard Meaney wrote:
I am the program chairman for the JRCS meeting in August 2011.  I am interested in what people would like to see for an educational session at the JRCS meeting.  We had a great presentation by Jim Matthews in Boston (Jim talked about one of his favorite topics:  cuds) and I would like to learn what JRCS members think will be appealing for the Chicago meeting.
Also, thanks goes out to David Davis.  I got a new dust jacket for my "Early United States Dimes" book and am quite happy with it.  Thanks, David!