Sunday, May 8, 2016

JR Newsletter: 8 May 2016 (292)

David Finkelstein provided us with an original contribution.  You may click the following link to read his article, "The 1794 Congressional Committee Appointed To Examine The Mint – Part 2 (Scot)."

The owner of the Easton Collection wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the April John Reich Journal. Some of my highlights are as follows:

1.  Great job to Jim Matthews for putting together the Bust Dime census.

2.  In reviewing the census, I noted that LM32 has 29 of 31 die marriages for the Draped Bust Dimes and 122 of 123 die marriages for the Capped Bust Dimes. That means he is missing only 3 die marriages. That’s absolutely amazing and what makes this even more phenomenal is the high grades that the coins are in. My hats off to LM32 for being such a Bust Dime enthusiast!   

3.  I highly recommend voting “YES” to including prior JRCS journals on the Newman Portal. The more information in the public domain to increase collectors' knowledge, the more collectors we will have in the JRCS.

4.  I love Bust Dimes and its great to see 5 articles on Bust Dimes in this issue. Jim – enjoyed your articles and you sharing your knowledge on the 1829 JR-5 or JR-6.

5.  Janell – nice articles and for the last 2 years I have been checking every 1796 dime to find that JR-7! So far, no go but hopeful.

6.  Keith – your memory is much better than mine and hats off to you on this article and memory.

7.  David Perkins – enjoyed your article and can’t wait until I turn 60 so we can have some fun building my Bust Dollar set. Only 4 years away – oh wait – 3 years!

8.  Great see young folks getting involved with the JRCS – David Sunshine article and Garret Ziss speeches and articles (in past journals).

Suggestions for future journals – I see that the LSCC made some significant changes to their newsletter including showcasing a collector's collection in full color. Wouldn’t that be nice for our journal to do the same?

Easton Collection

David Perkins wrote:

At the Denver Coin Expo on Thursday May 5, 2016 I ran into a collector of Capped Bust Dimes by die marriage.  I had not met him before.
The collector was very excited as he had an early die state example of the 1837 JR-3 Dime with “no sign of the bisecting obverse die crack.”  The collector had a copy of the new Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide by Winston Zack, Louis Scuderi, and Michael Sherrill with him, and he had me read the following on page 123, “[1837] JR-3 has a bisecting obverse die crack known on all examples and is most prominent going through the digit 7.”  I was excited for his discovery also, and told him that I would report his discovery to JRCS and JR News.  He is not a current member of JRCS, and does not use a computer.
When I got home, page 123 of my copy of the new CB Dime book had a page laid in, and many of you will guess correctly what it was.  It was the Errata sheet Winston Zack provided in the JR Newsletter: 28 February 2016!  Winston Zack wrote:

For those of you with a copy of the recent Bust Dime Variety Identification Guide, I have created  a document with the handful of updates and errors that have so far been discovered and reported. Please feel free to contact me with any other updates or errors, I would greatly appreciate it (stoneman101(at)

The link to the document is here:

I had already changed “known on all examples” to “known on nearly all examples” on page 123 in my copy of the book.
To those who are tracking examples struck from this early die state, I would like to report a new example of 1837 JR-3 with “no bisecting obverse die crack.” This example grades NGC MS62 (Serial # 4192211-004).   You can enter this serial number into the “Verify NGC Certification” function on the NGC website and see a photo.   Here is a direct link to the coin and photo:
I am mailing a copy of the Errata sheet to the collector (as he doesn’t have e-mail), gave him a copy of the latest issue of the John Reich Journal with the Capped Bust Dime Census (by Jim Matthews), and encouraged him to rejoin JRCS.
W. David Perkins
Centennial, CO

Tom Little wrote:

Tom Bush did an excellent job photographing a group of my coins including this low grade Bust dime that sold quickly after listing: