Sunday, May 27, 2012

JR Newsletter: 27 May 2012 (90)

We had a few responses to Rick Beale's question about complete sets of Capped Bust Dimes.

Charlie Horning wrote:
According to the latest JRCS Bust Dime census compiled by David Quint and published in Dec. 2011, there were 6 collections that were "complete" with all 122 varieties and 5 collections that had 121 varieties.  I do not know if the owners of the two 1827 JR-14's have otherwise complete collections.

You can also contact jrnewsletter (at) to obtain back issues -- the last dime census was Vol. 21/Issue 3 Dec. 2011.  Those interested in joining JRCS to ensure they get all of the latest census information should visit
Hope this helps,
Charlie Horning
And David Quint wrote:
In response to Rick Beale's question on whether anybody has a complete set of all 123 capped bust dime varieties...

The last dime census was completed late last year, and the 6 collectors with 122 varieties were all missing the 1827 JR-14. Of course, it is possible that there is a collector out there who does not participate in the census, and it is possible that one of the two known 1827 JR-14's changed hands in the meantime.

David Quint
Brad DePew wrote:
 Recently, I have renewed my interest in the Bust series. I had been buying coins that could be sold as bullion in case we start to have the rough times that some are predicting.  But, I am getting the feeling that our correction is going to grind out over time and I don't really want to end up with a bunch of common date coins in lower grades. Hence, the change back to Bust series and varieties. 

I have about 120 varieties in the halves, but all are not attributed yet.  And my dime set needs a good inspection.  Many were purchased without attributing first because the price was right and the grade was adequate.  I put a priority on dimes before other coins because I think I can get closer to completing that set than the halves.  And then I fill in with other coins and series as time permits.  Quarters are too high for me right now.  I have a partial year set which will have to do for a while.

Your post about the 1827 JR-14 was both exciting and discouraging.  It is exciting because all those times that I couldn't identify a coin, I may have been attributing a new variety since there is still new stuff out there. The fact that it happened on every other coin I bought may nullify this possibility. And, it is discouraging in that there is another coin I need but won't be getting. End result is that I am back. And Bust coins are on the top of my list. Thanks for the push.