Sunday, November 20, 2016

JR Newsletter: 20 November 2016 (320)

We have two contributions this week.  First, Winston Zack provided a follow-up from an inquiry he made previously:

I just want to say we have some awesome people in the JRCS. Our members (you know who you are) go above and beyond in answering questions, especially my question last week on castaing machine technology and edge lettering of CBHs - what an obscure topic! I greatly appreciate the 5-7 responses I received, and I hope some of those responses are included in a future JR Newsletter.

Again, thank you all.


Also, David Perkins wrote:

We are working on publishing and mailing the next issue of the John Reich Journal.  It should be mailed in the next 2-4 weeks.

If anyone is in contact with JRCS Member Eric Krauss please have him contact me, or forward his e-mail address to me.  I need his current mailing address for the JRCS Data Base.  I can be contacted at wdperki(at), or 303-902-5366.


W. David Perkins, Treasurer JRCS
Centennial, CO