Sunday, April 2, 2017

JR Newsletter: 2 April 2017 (338)

Tom Little wrote:

An ebay seller sold a group of Bust coins, including the above-imaged half, which sold for $185.  A link to the Coin Facts page for this particular variety is here:

There was a group of other severely underpriced coins the same seller from DC sold as buy it now.  I would hope that any knowledgeable Bust coin dealer or collector would have alerted the seller about their mistake.

Tom Little

Another reminder about the JRCS Hall of Fame:  Nominations close soon!

The membership is encouraged to send nominations for the Hall of Fame at any time. You can nominate candidates for either the veteran (those who contributed before the advent of JRCS) or the modern (those who have been members of JRCS) categories. Please include any pertinent information about the nominee that you feel necessary. Nominees will then be voted on by the HOF committee and the inductees will be announced at the annual meeting at the ANA convention in the summer. We look forward to seeing your nominations!

Please forward your nominations to bkaroleff(at) or to jrnewsletter(at)