Sunday, April 6, 2014

JR Newsletter: 6 April 2014 (183)

Three contributions this week, with the first from Glenn Peterson concerning the upcoming EAC-JRCS convention (

Hi JRCS members,

      We are soon going to have one of our most enjoyable meetings for  collectors of bust coinage. At the EAC/ JRCS meeting in Colorado Springs we will host a happenings event. For anyone who has not  been to a happenings event it is great fun to display, discuss and ponder on the minting of selected bust coin die marriages. Sometimes we can amaze our copper coin numismatic colleagues with interesting die marriages, remarriages and unusual die states of bust silver coinage. Many interesting conversations are struck up teaching each other new insights into early coin production. So please come to the happenings meeting May 1st.

This year we are studying the following die marriages:

half dime 1829 LM 18 (LDS have a cud)
dimes 1824 JR 1 and JR 2
quarters 1818 B9 ( a die state with clashing of arrows on obverse exists)
halves 1814 O-106 (LDS have massive crack and clashes) and 1827 O -108 (remarriage coin)

I have asked David Perkins to announce a selection for  bust dollars. Please come and bring your interesting die states of these coins.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Glenn Peterson

Winston Zack wrote:

Hello all JR Newsletter people. I have decided to embark on a new, fun and different collection focus. Having assembled a nearly complete set of Capped Bust Dimes by die marriage, I have now decided to start a new set of Capped Bust Dimes by die marriage, but this time I'm looking for pieces with holes in them.

I do not believe anyone has ever tried to assemble a set of Capped Bust Dimes by die marriage with holes in them, so I thought this would be a fun challenge. I understand that some die marriages are not known with holes, so getting to 100% complete is not likely, but nevertheless I will try to get as close as possible.

What I ask from you is to help me find holed bust dime examples. I only have about 10 different die marriages so far (I just began at the start of this year), so I have a long way to go, but if I can reach 100 or more different die marriages that would be, in my opinion, a major accomplishment.

Right now I'm primarily looking for examples showing stronger details and/or rare die marriages. Clean holes are preferred, but I'm not too picky at this point in time. Please let me know if you come across examples I might be interested in. Being a fun set of damaged pieces, I'm not looking to spend a lot of money on each piece and cost should be commensurate with rarity and condition.

Thanks again for any and all assistance with this project, it is much appreciated.

Winston Zack

Brad Karoleff wrote:

I picked up a couple of new books the other day and would like to give readers of the JR Newsletter the opportunity to purchase them before the next convention.

Logan/McCloskey half dimes mint $125.
Davis et all Dimes, I have two lightly used copies $350.
Rea et all Quarters $100.

I will include priority postage on orders of multiple books.  Single copies add $10 postage.

You can reach me at bkaroleff(at)


Brad Karoleff